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Transforming Disappointment In 4 Steps

Transforming disappointment in 4 steps

When life doesn’t show up how you intended or hoped then disappointment can arise. It is often felt like a small wave of emotion that tumble through our day now and then, overlooked and underwhelming.  Yet all disappointment, however small and seemingly inconsequential, will cause a stress response in the body.  Understanding this and how we can transform smaller waves of negative energy is a powerful tool in your well-being box of glory.

Appreciate first the nature of energy.  Whether it be positive or negative, it’s purpose is to do two things; (1) be in constant movement and (2)  seek similar energy to join-upwith to make it stronger.  Remember : whatever energy you feed the most with similar energy you make stronger and it gains more momentum.   Eventually the  little stresses get bigger and create disproportionate reactions like anger, blame and judgement.  In seeking to increase its strength and stimulate flow, your stress, will cause you to seek similar low vibrational activities such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

Please do not blame yourself.  It is not you.  It is the nature of energy, all energy, to seek momentum so it can transform into something new.  Unfortunately, unless redirected and released in a healthy way, the new form it takes is often sickness, mental anxieties, depression etc.

Starting with small levels of negative energy is a really helpful and powerful method for being able to transform the larger stress and thereby improve overall well-being.  Here is a simple technique:

4 Straightforward steps to transformation

  1. Start by  acknowledging a small and subtle emotion that has bobbed to the surface of your awareness and one which you would usually brush aside.    Feel it in your body if you can and name it e.g. “disappointment”  Say it without any blame or judgement in a neutral tone as if stating your name when answering the phone [non-judgement is neutral calm energy and begins the transformation stress].
  2. Shake and shiver your arms, shoulders, head and legs, as if  you’d just walked through a spooky room.   [Energy needs to flow in order to transform and tense negative energy tends to stagnate and get stuck.  So ruffle your feathers and flap your wings].
  3. Pause a moment and feel your feet on the ground supported by the earth [Grounding your body brings you into the present moment and triggers trust and safety, both of which are calm energy emotions].
  4. Take a few big-body breaths in through the nose and blow it out through the mouth.   Three or four breaths is fine.  This starts reducing the toxicity of stress that is building in your blood stream.
  5. Finish by smiling congratulating yourself out loud, “well done, Georgie,  well done, nice move” [rejoicing and celebration is a primal act of acceptance that would have triggered safety,  love and unity in the returning hunter and naturally released stress accumulated from the hunt.  Saying your name claims ownership of your success which is empowering and instils confidence for the next time stress arises : “I can do it” attitude!]


Why can’t we simply be disappointed, whats the big deal?  You can and it isn’t a big deal if  you see the nature of disappointment as a transient emotion that arises and passes away.   However, this is rarely how the human mind works.  Most get caught in the drama and this generates more negative emotions that feed stress-energy.  Learning to short circuit this negative loop using smaller emotional experiences, such as disappointment, is a powerful teaching the body can fall back on when faced with bigger stresses.  You are learning to guide the stream rather than dam the river and you are also using less energy to achieve the same result:  stress-reduction and happy well-being.

Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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