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It is difficult and challenging to have an honest open heart in these times.

You are constantly being asked to respond to an outside influence and make decisions on the spot, or make judgements without time for reflection and consideration which allows for clear thinking, discretion, discernment and emotional detachment.

This persistent pressure to live at the harsh interface of life without respite, leads to a fearful heart that is unable to speak its truth with honesty, love and integrity.  These are the ingredients of a balanced, healthy individual and one that enhances the community in which he or she lives with peace and prosperity.

So it is time for your heart’s serenity, to take yourself to a place of quiet.  Move away from man made noise and objects.  Instead actively seek solace in the place you know well. The place your heart instinctively knows to go to.  You see, you have the place in your mind as you read this.  You know where to go and how to get there.  Go.  For there you will be replenished and your place will sing out in joy; having you there, at last; welcoming you home.

Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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