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Monday Mews : Do Doubt!

Monday Mews : Do Doubt!

This week……..DO DOUBT!.

We make decisions throughout our day.  What we eat, what we wear, what we buy, where we go, who we speak to, what we say,  do we speak out, do we make do.  Endless and often small and seemingly insignificant. Yet when weaved together they provide the very foundation of your life.
Every decision you have taken has brought you to this place where you are right now and all the decisions you are yet to take will form the direction of your future life.
If we are discontent with where we are then we must look to what we are choosing.
For today, and for this week, do not stall on the decisions that form doubt in you mind; instead hold your trust and play them to conclusion.  For those decisions that seem crystal clear, routine and certain; hold back.  Let some doubt arise around the ease  and certainty of these decisions.  See if they really want to take the predictable path.
Challenging yourself in this way opens the doors to potential.

For where there is potential there is hopefulness and where there is hopefulness there is inspiration and it is in inspiration that we find the source of our renewed energy, zest and wakefulness.

choose doubt; challenge certainty.

Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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