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Letter To My Heart

Letter to my heart

Dear Heart,

I know every moment of my life you beat beside me, observing all that I do, all that I think and all that I feel.  I know you see the constant presence of the unseen me.  The me that holds life in the centre of its being-ness. I know you go with me to the depths of my sadness, your heaviness a sign you are holding my pain to release me of its burden.  You go with me to the heights of my contentment, excitement, inspiration and joy.  The lightness I feel in those moments is you setting me free from my past and making space for a fresh vision for my life.

This light that you radiate pours into every one of my cells  and rejuvenates this body that holds your physical form. For you are not only a heart that beats and circulates my blood, you are a vibration whose frequency attunes with the frequency of our Earth.  It radiates outward into my environment and blesses all that it meets.  Together we birth to new forms, new visions, new encounters and experiences, into a life that is continually whispering to us “And you, and you, and you too”.

In gratitude.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash


Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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