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Happy Loops : Paving The Way To Happiness

Happy Loops : paving the way to happiness

When you touch your thumb and forefinger together you remind yourself of the loop of energy that courses through your body.

It is through your considered attention to this circuit of energy that brings an inner stillness from which gratitude has the space to spontaneously arise.

Bring the fingers apart and notice the openness of the loop.

Bring them together again and rest in the feeling of their touch; connection; you’re connection to it all.

Gently, without effort, only relaxed presence, we move into alignment with what is and lay a stone on path of our innate happiness.

You are a loop of happiness, radiating out the beat of your aliveness.  Your attention to the loop is the work.

That is all.

That is enough.

Happy loops.

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash


Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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