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Best Bone Broth Recipe

Here are the steps that go with my video (soon to be published) on making a powerful nutritious and healing bone broth. Use the best, do your best,then sit back and receive the best. Ingredients Selection of grass fed bones…

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It seeks you.

It came your way because you were calling it. It risked touching your skin and asking to come in. Peace wants to explore this world with you. To paint its landscape in everything you do. To colour your tone and…

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passing clouds

Look up. There is a passing cloud that is seeking its expression. Give yourself to it without opinion.   Let it show its full self to you. Say, before you to pass by "In this moment,  I give myself to…

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Dream Speaks

Fluttering by on a whisper of hope is your dream. The Dream's dream is of being recognised and appreciated for its gifts and talents. In eagerness it waits to bring them out into the world and celebrate all the wonder…

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Ask for joy

Dream of the way you wish to think and talk of others, of yourself, of the world at large. Dip the dream in a pool of joy and see what you draw out. The soil beneath your feet is fertile…

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It is difficult and challenging to have an honest open heart in these times. You are constantly being asked to respond to an outside influence and make decisions on the spot, or make judgements without time for reflection and consideration…

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