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A New Type Of Conversation

A new type of conversation

This is the new conversation; one we must have with our hearts if we are to magnetise ourselves to all the good in the world.

Before you read these words, that will be a dialogue to your heart, I invite you to adjust your posture so you lengthen your spine and allowing  your shoulders slide down your back and your chest gently open.  This awakens your heart space so it knows you are ready to start a conversation.  Take a smooth, full breath, in through the nose and out through a slightly open mouth, now begin…

“I know that every moment of this life you beat beside me.  Observing all that I do, all that I think, all that I see and all that I feel.

I know that you see the constant presence of the unseen within me. The Soul Self that holds life in the centre of its Being-ness, as perfect and flourishing as a pink-edged rose bejewelled in Earth’s dew.

I know you go with me to the depths of the sadness trapped within me.  Your heaviness a sign you are holding this weight to relieve its burden from me until such time as I remember I was never imprisoned to begin with. I have always been free (pause here as light is entering your body). Cont…

You travel with me on the wind of my breath to the great heights of my happiness and joy.  Your lightness a sign that I am giving flight to all I misunderstood and all I will never fully understand.  Together; as the breath expands around you, we are making space for light to fill every cell of my body; to heal and replace the wings of pain.

In your physical form you are a heart that beats, pounds, pluses, squeezes, races and flutters its messages to my Soul Self that watches you, as you – the unseen vibrational heart – watches over me.

Oh beating heart you are my twin-flame.  I honour you with my joy, I nourish you with trust in all that I am and all that I bring forth each day in each moment. With each beat, each pause, each fuller breath, I fall deeper into your waves, absorbing your love and radiating it out into the world with each step, each word, each face I greet today.”

Pause.  Breathe. Be still and feel, for the powerful light of the Cosmos is pulsating in your cells initiating positive change.

My deepest thanks for your participation in these words, and the practice they offered you.  For this is natural healing in its simplest, purest and most potent form.

Earths strength and love to you.



Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Georgina Warriner

Through my writing I hope to bring forth in practical ways the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and return it to its rightful place; the human heart. May you be uplifted, may you find peace, may you connect to the truth of who you are and celebrate your aliveness each day.

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