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Enhanced energy &
inspired well-being

If we want to find peace in the modern world, we must stop using our mind to solve our problems. Instead we must listen to the creativity of the soul, who whispers to us her great wisdom in the sacred moments we grant her the grace of our stillness, the gentle caress of our breath and the gift of loving presence.  It is our Soul’s infinite energy that allows us to keep making progress, keep healing, keep loving.

About Me

Georgie Griggs

Energy Healer & Tarot Reader

My work is to help raise the body’s energy frequency to enable it to realign with its natural frequency of calm ease, mental clarity and heathy wellbeing.

I run a private practice from a home studio in rural Cuckfield, near Haywards Heath, in the heart of Mid-Sussex.  This is a safe, peaceful and nurturing space where you will rediscover relaxation, balance, direction and new revitalising energy.

Crystal Energy Healing :  Science shows us that all matter is vibrating energy that is sending out continuous waves.  The nature of these waves is to find an equal and corresponding energy wave to match-up with.    This is coherence; alignment of energy frequencies.

Mental energy also emits waves and our emotions are now seen to effect the frequency of these waves.  When you are experiencing stress and low frequency negative emotions you often find yourself gravitating towards more drama, gossip, anxiety driven news, even toxic negative relationships.  This mental activity strengthens negative vibration by giving it a corresponding vibration to align with.  It may feel good in the moment as frequencies align, however, the truth is that you are aligning with negative, fear-based states that is perpetuating anxiety, stress and a sense of dis-ease in your life.

Crystals are a form of vibrational therapy.  As mentioned above, all matter, emits a range of frequencies and being intrinsically of Nature, crystal frequencies offer a high vibration which match that of  peace, love and harmony.  Placing them in different locations on the body is like using a tuning fork to retune your body and mind to the tone of calm, peace and ease.  From this place one feels safe to openly express oneself in the world and make clear conscious decisions to create positive life experiences.

Sometimes one session is enough to gain the energy and clarity you desire. However, in my experience, once is never enough, as it feels so good you’ll be back for more!!

My message to you is this:

What you think you are is not who you are.
There is an energy within you, an essence, a soul, that is more powerful than
your thoughts and holds you in a sea of unconditional love.
Dip into its waters regularly and refresh yourself.
There is nothing to be afraid of and everything to love.
As you walk daily on this earth, walk with peace.
These are the seeds of your growth.



Crystal Aroma Energy Balancing (with essential oils)

for stress reduction and rejuvenation: £55.00 (75 mins)

This is a deeply relaxing experience in which you will receive core Universal Energy to increase your own healing, energy and vitality infused with the emotionally balancing and beautiful aromas of essential oils.

Best for: those seeking a one off deep destress and re-boot!

“Thank you Georgie for todays session; I feel utterly rejuvenated”

Steve, 50

Yoga for Core Strength and Flexibility

6 Week course: £150.00

This is a safe, balanced, mat based series of exercises that target the Chinese Meridian energy lines and stimulate the circulation of Chi (life force). You will activate your core muscles and over time experience a natural increase in flexibility and strength. At the end of the course you will know how to practice these exercises at home as part of your health and wellbeing lifestyle giving you the confidence, freedom and flexibility to practice any where any time..

Best for: all, including yoga beginners, joint stiffness, back pain, increased strength, hyper-mobility.

“I have learnt a home practice that I can teach to my family and want to create a special space in my home for me.  I  now feel confident to go to a regular yoga classes as know what I am doing with my body.”

Hermione, 51

Trauma Release & Crystal Calming for deep stress relief

6 Week course: £175.00

A body-based natural release of unexpressed trauma that has become stuck in the body and causing you to feel you are not fully experiencing life. Overall sense of returning to calm balanced wellbeing and improved sleep are some of the many benefits of this practice. Once learnt, it is a skill for life and will become an important part of your stress management toolkit. Children and young people in particular respond very quickly to this method.

Best for: anxiety and anxiety attacks, OCD, sleep difficulties, exam or work pressure, past trauma, periods of extreme stress and overwhelm.

“I feel so much more confident and feel less anxious. I am going out with friends for the first time in years and my sleep has really improved.”

Hannah, 19, London
(My note : Hanna is a beautiful, softly spoken, intelligent, young girl that was wracked with so much anxiety she hadn’t slept property for years, was exhausted and found socialising almost impossible.  The stress this put on the whole family was very difficult. It was my honour and joy to watch her, very quickly, regain her sense of happiness and confidence whilst working with trauma release.  She now has this stress release technique to draw on for life.

2 hour Wellbeing & Discovery Session


This combines the relaxing experience of a Crystal Energy Balancing session with a learning and mentoring experience in any of the modalities I work with that you would like to find out how to use for your improved health and happiness.

Best for: learning, energy balancing and deepening self-awareness.

“I always look forward to attending a Wellbeing & Discover session with Georgie. She’s so friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. I feel completely at ease in her company and love delving into new depths and avenues. Its amazing to have the opportunity to learn about different wellbeing aspects and to tailor each session. The Crystal Aroma Healing hour is always blissful and enlightening”

Cherry, 22

Post-natal Mother & Baby Energy Balance and Energy Rejuvenation

60 mins: £35.00

Creating a private space for mothers to restore depleted energy and release stress that is vital for post-birth health and healing both emotionally and physically.

The treatment is centred around the mother, however, baby will energetically benefit from the high vibrational environment and earth energy techniques being used to soothe, calm, comfort and balance. It is also and opportunity to learn how to reduce stress and restore energy in ones daily life.

Additional time can be booked to learn more about using essential oils for emotional balance and creating your own natural beauty nourishing body oils for mother and baby, creating a toxic free environment that is safe for all.

“I came feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, my life dramatically changed after having twins.  I was able to relax and restore whilst also having my babies with me which was deeply bonding and freeing at the same time.”

Jackie, 25, mother of 3 month old twins

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